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CPHR BC & Yukon offers hundreds of events every year across the province. Use the search functionality below and then select 'GO' to show specific events, or click on 'GO' to show all events.

There are many different ways to narrow your search to specific events. For example, select your region and event type such as PD Online, Events, Conference, Roundtable etc. Alternatively, enter the first few letters of the event name, or use the start date field. Or, if you want to search for events on a specific topic (for example recruiting or HR) use the wild card ‘%recruit’ or %HR’ in the event name field. All search fields can be used in combination.

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Career Advancement Network (CAN) Victoria - Leveraging Your Volunteer Experience

June 1, 2020

Created for emerging and transitioning HR practitioners, this members only roundtable creates a space for learning and connecting, and provides attendees with practical skills to enhance their efforts for career advancement. Registration is required in advance.

HR Virtual Forum Series Day 3 - RE:IMAGINE

June 1, 2020

This is Day 3 of a 3-Day Virtual Forum Series proudly presented by CPHR Canada intended to bring Canadian HR together to reenergize, reset and reimagine how we lead through these uncertain times. This series will provide key takeaways and essential solutions on how to navigate these unchartered waters as well as ways to empower your people in a post-pandemic workforce.

FREE webinar: Your Nutrition and Fitness during COVID-19

June 3, 2020

In this webinar, our speakers will discuss strategies for managing your diet, nutrition and fitness activities while you are working remotely, being in isolation, and managing the family.

Wind Down HR - hosted by Interior, North & Yukon

June 3, 2020

Wind Down HR is conversation & connection – in the evening. Members and Non-Members welcome, free. Now virtual using Zoom.

FREE webinar: Compliance in Times of Uncertainty

June 4, 2020

This session will uncover a number of resources that can help and explain the pitfalls that must be avoided when complying with Payroll and Employment Standards Legislation.

Wake Up HR - hosted by Vancouver Island

June 5, 2020

Wake Up HR is conversation & connection – in the morning. Members and Non-Members welcome.

Northern Roundtable - The Stop, Start & Continue of COVID-19: A Panel Session

June 8, 2020

This roundtable will take place online via Zoom. It will be a panel session looking at how organizations in North BC have pivoted in response to the pandemic and what the future looks like as a result. 3 panelists from Northern Health, Canfor and Integris will share their perspectives and insights.

FREE webinar: Benefits 102: Fundamentals of Retirement Savings Plans

June 9, 2020

Join us for this webinar and get an overview of employer-sponsored retirement savings plans in Canada.

2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting

June 10, 2020

Our 2020 Annual General Meeting will take place virtually from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020. New this year we are using virtual AGM provider GetQuorum to support the AGM. You are urged to participate ideally by attending virtually OR by completing and returning a proxy.

Richmond / Delta Roundtable - COVID-related Employment Matters

June 10, 2020

The Roundtable Leader guides participants through the chosen topic to share knowledge, strategies, lessons-learned, and practical tips, tools, and techniques. Participants will be encouraged to actively engage in the discussion, ask questions, and provide real scenarios. Typically held the second Wednesday of the month.

Vernon Roundtable - Find Out How Coaching Cultures Thrive During Covid-19!

June 10, 2020

In the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of the Harvard Business Review, they identified that the role of managers and leaders is evolving into that of a coach. More and more organizations are seeing the value of incorporating coaching into leadership roles, helping managers to be more effective in motivating their team. Deborah Fox, Sr. HR Mgr for Kohler Canada will join us.

Westshore Roundtable - Virtual Orientation and Onboarding

June 10, 2020

A Roundtable Leader will guide HR practitioners through a discussion on specific topics related to the field of Human Resources. This allows for sharing of knowledge, strategies, lessons-learned, and practical tips, tools, and techniques. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in the discussion, ask questions, and provide real scenarios.

Wake Up HR - hosted by Vancouver Island

June 12, 2020

Wake Up HR is conversation & connection – in the morning. Members and Non-Members welcome.

How To Claim Exemption From The NKE - Student Information Session

June 16, 2020

This session if for students or recent graduates from Accredited post secondary institutions in BC who want to know more about how to claim exemption from the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) on their path towards the CPHR designation.

FREE webinar: Navigating Canada’s Exploding Virtual Physician World

June 17, 2020

This webinar will explore all of the virtual healthcare options out there, discuss the common challenges, and more!

Kelowna Roundtable - The Opportunity for Change

June 17, 2020

Join us online via Zoom for this roundtable. Covid-19 has brought tragedy for some, great challenge for others, and change for everyone. This roundtable is about change, and the opportunity for cultural and structural change that the crisis has provided. Lane Sherman will lead this interactive session. He is an author and founder of PeopleStuff, an organizational consulting firm.

Labour Relations Practitioners Roundtable - Changes to the Labour Relations Code - waiting list

June 17, 2020

This roundtable provides an outlet for LR/HR practitioners to network about career development and industry-specific issues from a labour relations perspective.

Coffee Time - CPHR & NKE Information Session #10 - Hosted by Yukon Region

June 18, 2020

Join Rita Koeller, CPHR Member Relations Manager and learn about CPHR BC & Yukon, and your member benefits. Specifically, thinking about writing the NKE or the mentorship program come ask questions or learn about the different pathways to achieve your designation.

Wake Up HR - hosted by Vancouver Island

June 19, 2020

Wake Up HR is conversation & connection – in the morning. Members and Non-Members welcome.

North Shore Roundtable - Beyond the Buzz Words of Employer Branding

June 25, 2020

This roundtable is intended to bring North Shore HR practitioners together to share ideas, best practices, ask questions, debate, inform, and network. This is a participative roundtable with a tradition of discussion and providing a mutually supportive environment to enhance learning for all levels of practitioners. Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of the month from 8:00 - 9:30 am.

Wake Up HR - hosted by Vancouver Island

June 26, 2020

Wake Up HR is conversation & connection – in the morning. Members and Non-Members welcome.

Career Advancement Network (CAN) Victoria - Career Planning in HR: Choosing the Right Fit

July 6, 2020

A virtual roundtable hosted in the Vancouver Island Region and facilitated by volunteer members. Career Advancement Network (CAN) helps to empowers members who are emerging or in job transition who are actively seeking employment or interested in career development topics. Participants have an opportunity to discuss career goals and develop practical skills to enhance their job search effort.

Managing Garnishments (online seminar)

July 8 - 10, 2020

This online seminar is designed to provide payroll professionals with a complete overview of the legislation, policies and processes with regards to garnishments (including federal and provincial orders), family support, maintenance orders and wage assignments.

Career Advancement Network (CAN) Victoria - Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

August 10, 2020

Created for emerging and transitioning HR practitioners, this members only roundtable creates a space for learning and connecting, and provides attendees with practical skills to enhance their efforts for career advancement. Registration is required in advance.

CPHR Knowledge Exam Prep Course (Virtual Classroom)

August 19 - 21, 2020

This three-day, facilitator-led prep course is designed to give participants a more thorough understanding of what they will need to know in order to be successful when writing the CPHR National Knowledge Exam.

Payroll Administration in Quebec (Burnaby)

August 20 - 21, 2020

An introductory course designed to give you a solid foundation in the basics of payroll in Quebec.

Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals (C8) (Vancouver)

September 14 - 15, 2020

This two-day course covers the essential skills, behaviors and actions that support the understanding and development of business acumen–helping you learn to see "the big picture," understand finance concepts, recognize the important relationship between compensation plans and the bottom line, and make wiser decisions.

4-Step System: Work on vs In Your Leadership Role (On-Demand)

This webinar introduces a 4-step process for leaders to work on vs in their role while ensuring positive influence for team goals.

7 Lenses for Helping Organizations Change (On-demand)

This insightful webinar provides a deep insight into how you can help your organization change more effectively. You will learn how to shape the right perspective for your next move in your changing organization.

A Responsive Workplace Conflict Resolution Toolkit (On-demand)

In this session, learn about the multitude of approaches, and their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make cost-effective and workplace-effective choices to manage and deal with any conflict that arises.

Aboriginal Context

This VCC course will examine the historical/traditional perspectives and contemporary issues (ie. alcohol-related birth defects, high suicide rates) of the Aboriginal community with a focus on health and healing.

Accelerating the Evolution of HR (On-Demand)

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to market your value to those customers, how to change the perception of HR through story, how to build partnerships, and measure and manage customer relationships.

Addressing Biases in Hiring (On-demand)

Conscious and unconscious biases in your hiring process can be significant barriers to entry. This 90-minute webinar will help you identify and address those biases.

Are You Ready to Support Transgender Employees? (On-demand)

This presentation outlines best practices when preparing for upcoming grants and developing an effective grant strategy for your business. It also covers ongoing grant programs that are currently accepting applications to impact your company today.

Assessing Assessments (On-Demand)

This 90 minute, on-demand course presents a high-level view of the major assessments, the circumstances in which each one serves best, and the kind of results they offer. Participants of all levels will take away a practical job-aid to guide their decision-making.

Basic Counselling Skills

This VCC Continuing Studies program examines the nature and process of client-centred counselling; teaches skills foundational to most models of counselling and practice in a supervised setting.

Best Practices in Disability Case Management – Avoid Pitfalls and Obstacles Enabling a Timely and Smooth Return to Work (On-demand)

This session is designed to give you practical tools and tips that will help you navigate through the complexities of employee return to work.

Blurred Lines: Workplace Privacy, Your Compliance Obligations,

and Minimizing the Risk of Loss when Employees Depart (On-demand)

In this webinar, you will learn how to stay within the law of workplace privacy, and the rights of the company when employees depart.

Boosting your Self-Expression with Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

In this on-demand course, you will learn to use 3 of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies as we talk about Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, and Independence. You’ll discover how well you communicate how you feel to others so they aren’t left speculating, and how this positively impacts your relationships.

Broadening your Interpersonal Skills with Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

In this on-demand course, you will learn to use 3 of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies as we talk about Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, and Social Responsibility. This allows you to have strong relationships, built on trust and compassion.

Building the Business Case for Hiring Immigrant Talent (On-demand)

Join us to learn more about the business advantages of hiring and retaining highly qualified immigrant talent to improve organizational performance and customer service, while staying ahead of your competition.

Business and Technical Writing Certificate

This VCC's Business and Technical Writing Certificate delivers convenient and concentrated skill development and education in technical writing, providing short-duration writing skills training that will improve students’ communication skills and contribute to employment success.

Business Leadership and Management Certificate

This VCC certificate program positions graduates for career advancement by teaching them how to maximize their leadership potential in a business environment while meeting the knowledge and skills base desired by industry.

Career Development: Building a Culture that Attracts, Retains, and Engages (On-demand)

In this presentation, you will discover how a workplace that supports the active management and ongoing development of careers can benefit employees and employers alike.

Career Engagement (On-Demand)

This 2 hour, on-demand course will help you discover the benefits (to employees and employers alike) of good career fit. Leave with practical tools and strategies for implementing career services that will maximize career engagement without breaking the bank.

Career Security in the Gig Economy (On-Demand)

This insightful webinar provides a practical approach to establishing a career that will thrive on this current fluid environment by exploring the new economics of career security.

Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction

This VCC program will help students gain competency to design, develop and deliver online instruction.

Changes to the B.C. Employment Standards Act (On-Demand)

In May 2019, the Provincial Government introduced a number of amendments to the B.C. Employment Standards Act. In the presentation, we will walk through a number of these changes, and discuss what they mean, and how they affect your business.

Close the Gap from Goal-Setting to Goal-Achieving (On-demand)

This webinar will show you how to achieve the next level of success and potential without compromising all life areas by understanding the connection between mindset and goals; and learning to stressless to achieve more.

Collective Bargaining and the Collective Agreement (On-Demand)

This 1.5 hour, on-demand course details the collective bargaining process and the resulting collective agreement.

Communicating Change (On-Demand)

Explore the how to ensure communication engages everyone throughout your organization.

Communicating Change (On-Demand/Webinar Recording)

This session is a comprehensive, practical program that ensures changing organizations are up to the challenge of helping everyone wrap their brains, arms and heart around all the changes.

Creating Effective Employment Contracts that Protect your Company’s

Resources and Future Business Prospects (On-demand)

In this webinar, you will learn how to create an employment contract that will limit liability and provide stability and predictability in the relationship.

Creating the Accountability Culture (On-demand)

In this session, our speaker shares the fundamentals of building an organization where there is no blaming, no deflection, where every leader, employee and contributor truly engage in responsible self- management and accountability; where full ownership of emotions, behaviors, performance and ultimate outcomes are simply part of the culture.

Developing Conflict Management Skills for HR Professionals (On-demand)

This webinar will assist you to improve your dispute resolution skills to address workplace conflicts with confidence and proficiency.

Developing your Stress Tolerance with Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

In this on-demand course, you will learn to use 3 of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies as we talk about Flexibility, Stress Tolerance, and Optimism. This helps you step out of your comfort zone, and excel in stressful situations.

Discipline and "Just Cause" (On-Demand)

This 1 hour, on-demand course provides analysis of the disciplinary process in the unionized workplace concluding with a summary of the key elements of a positive approach to maintaining discipline and “just cause” in a unionized workplace.

Diversity, Culture and Counselling

This introductory VCC course explores dimensions of diversity and increases knowledge and understanding of the cultural factors underlying client and counsellor behaviour and interventions.

Duty to Accommodate and Mental Illness (On-Demand)

This webinar will cover the topics of human rights in the workplace, the duty to accommodate and undue hardship, with a specific focus on mental illness. The practical thoughts on effective communication with employees on medical leave, the employer’s role in supporting recovery, and effective practices in working with WorkSafeBC and disability insurance providers will also be discussed.

Enhancing your Self-Perception with Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

In this on-demand course, you will learn to use 3 of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies as we talk about Self Regard, Self Actualization, and Emotional Self-Awareness.

Financial 1st Aid for HR Professionals (On-demand)

Join us for an engaging conversation on how to recognize signs and symptoms of financial distress amongst your employees, how to have the gentle "money chat", what help and resources are available beyond a referral to your EAP, and how to implement a few strategies to enhance financial wellness.

Fraud, Theft & Corruption — How to Manage Risk, Whistle Blowing and Implement Investigations (On-demand)

In this webinar, you will learn how to avoid pitfalls and enhance investigations.

FREE On-Demand: 6 Best Practices to Overcome Employee Turnover

Join Tom Short, Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Kudos to learn how you can attract top talent while retaining your high-performing teams. Discover the true cost and causes of turnover, and strategies you can implement today to attract, retain and engage your employees.

FREE On-Demand: Boost Employee Engagement with Social Recognition

Join Tom Short, Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Kudos to learn about social recognition and strategies to help you boost employee engagement and organizational success. Find out how to create a culture of recognition and the importance of giving meaningful, value-based social recognition.

FREE On-Demand: Dealing with Change, Mindfully

This session is about the fantastic technique of combining mindfulness meditation with change management to help people through challenging change.

FREE On-Demand: How HR Can Start a Great Workplace Mindfulness Practice

This webinar will discuss the workplace mindfulness industry landscape, different approaches to starting a workplace practice and a best practices roadmap.

FREE On-Demand: How to Attract, Engage and Retain the Next Generation

Join our speakers from TELUS Employer Solutions and learn about the recruitment and retention strategies that are flexible, and are tailored to employees of different generations.

FREE On-Demand: How to Bring Mindfulness into Your Workplace with No Ongoing Operating Costs

This session will cover the key tactics that lead to a successful workplace implementation. You will learn how to approach this in a way that produces high engagement, grassroots growth and real business benefits.

FREE On-Demand: How to Build and Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to build personal and workplace resiliency in this webinar, led by our presenter Wendy Quan, the industry thought leader and author on the topic of integrating change management and workplace mindfulness meditation.

FREE On-Demand: How to Use Science to Achieve Repeatable Hiring Success

Tried and tested, scientifically reliable and consistently successful. In this session, find out how the science behind jobfit assessments can help you achieve REPEATABLE hiring success.

FREE On-Demand: Lead with Emotional Intelligence: Building Courage, Vulnerability, and Resilience

Join David Cory, M.A., founder of the Emotional Intelligence Training Company Inc., who has been working to develop the emotional intelligence skills of leaders in progressive organizations around the globe for the past 20 years.

FREE On-Demand: Mindfulness for Busy HR Professionals

Learn how to build personal and workplace resiliency in this webinar, led by our presenter Wendy Quan, the industry thought leader and author on the topic of integrating change management and workplace mindfulness meditation,

FREE On-Demand: Service Awards: Employee Appreciation from Onboarding to Retirement

This session will discuss how to empower your leaders to celebrate careers in ways that increase tenure and impact your workplace culture.

FREE On-Demand: Succeed or Fail? Your Online Brand is the Deciding Factor!

Join us at this webinar and learn how to bring your best brand to life!

FREE On-Demand: The 3C’s of Communication; 10 Solutions-Based Tools

Learn how to utilize the 3C’s of Communication to create a solution-based approach for self and others to goal-achieve.

FREE On-Demand: The Future of HR is Social, Mobile and Millennial, are you ready?

In this webinar, we'll look at how to understand the goals, values, and ambitions to help attract, engage and retain millennials.

FREE On-Demand: The Power of Big Data

Join TELUS Employer Solutions for a discussion to learn how to use big data to make a strategic impact on your human capital decisions.

FREE On-Demand: The Secrets of an Amazing Employee Experience: From Onboarding to Exit

This webinar covers four areas organizations can focus on to improve employee experience and create a workplace that employees won't want to leave.

FREE On-Demand: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Onboarding

Join Tom Short, Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Kudos as we explore practical, replicable and engaging strategies for creating a positive and successful onboarding program! You’ll learn how to design, nurture and sustain an effective onboarding strategy so you can increase organizational engagement, reduce turnover and boost morale.

FREE On-Demand: Transformational Talent: Portrait of the High-Potential Workforce

Join Indeed Recruitment Evangelist Saeed Sadooghi for a new look at the traits, values and behaviours of exceptional employees who inspire teams and invigorate businesses. Learn how you can apply these insights to craft inbound recruiting strategies that will attract transformational talent.

FREE On-Demand: Using Inbound Recruiting to Attract Top Talent

In this webinar, you will learn how to develop captivating job content as the core of any inbound recruiting strategy, amplify your inbound traffic by using paid search tactics to reach more quality candidates, and use great storytelling to engage candidates.

FREE On-Demand: You Don’t Need to be an HR Analyst to Use People Analytics

Join Deep Litt, CPHR, SHRM - SCP , People Operations & Analytics Manager, and Steve Crozier, HR Business Partner at Visier to learn about the role of an HR analyst, and why you don’t need to become an analytics expert to use people analytics!

From Basic to Brilliant Series - Part 1: Transforming the Power of HR in Small to Mid-Size Enterprise (On-Demand)

This first webinar in the series explores how to align your organization so you can attract and hire the best people and ensure their onboarding experience really delivers.

From Basic to Brilliant Series - Part 2: Transforming the Power of HR in Small to Mid-Size Enterprise (On-Demand)

This second webinar in the series explores three touchpoints that help small to mid-size enterprises become talent competitive: performance mastery, learning management, and talent development.

From Basic to Brilliant Series - Part 3: Transforming the Power of HR in Small to Mid-Size Enterprise (On-Demand)

This third and final webinar focuses on designing an employee experience and workplace culture that uniquely delivers in the small business environment.

From Employee Engagement to Employee Experience (On-Demand)

This talk will share what the most progressive organizations such as Netflix, McDonald’s and Airbnb are doing to conceptualize and create a truly great employee experience.

Gender in the Workplace Following #MeToo (On-demand)

The increased awareness of sexual assault and harassment is certainly something to celebrate, however it should also indicate to many employers that workplace practices also need to evolve with the times. This presentation will focus on the legal and practical implications of #MeToo.

Get Unstuck and Empowered with Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

This 6-part mini series empowers you to be a "better you". If you're tired of feeling stuck or like something is missing in your life, and want to grow in your career and become a better leader, parent, spouse, friend, and human being, then this program can help.

Guiding Change (On-Demand)

The essentials for building change capacity throughout your organization.

Guiding Change (On-Demand/Webinar Recording)

This presentation is s a comprehensive, practical program that outlines the roadmap for building change leadership capacity throughout your organization.

Having Difficult Conversations Successfully (On-demand)

In this session, the Katalyst Conflict Response Model will guide and inform your responses to difficult people and challenging issues. Real world workplace examples and chances to apply the principles will be incorporated. Learn how to deliver difficult messages more effectively.

Hiring and Training Government Subsidies for Your Business! (On-demand)

This presentation outlines best practices when preparing for upcoming grants and developing an effective grant strategy for your business. It also covers ongoing grant programs that are currently accepting applications to impact your company today.

Hiring and Working Alongside People with Diverse-Abilities (On-Demand)

Join us in exploring the many ways in which hiring and working alongside people with diverse-abilities can not only improve the bottom line, but fundamentally transform the culture of a workplace for the better.

How to Create and Implement Effective HR Policies and Procedures (On-Demand)

This 2 hour, on-demand course contains everything you need to know about how to create and implement the right policies and practices, at the right time for your organization. Ones that are not only culturally aligned but also support the company and its workforce.

HR Metrics for Enhanced Buy-in, Participation and Performance (On-Demand)

The three webinars will help you better assess and communicate the value of HR and OD activity, and build stronger, more engaged working relationships with non-HR leaders.

Human Rights - Disability Management and the Duty to Accommodate (On-demand)

This webinar will discuss the current state of the well-established legal principle "duty to accommodate" as it continues to evolve.

Immigration Updates: Identifying Opportunities and Mitigating Risks (On-demand)

This webinar will look at important changes to the Canadian immigration system while highlighting opportunities and how employers can mitigate the risks.

Improving your Decision Making Ability with Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

In this 3 hours program, you will learn to use 3 of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies as we talk about Problem Solving, Reality Testing, and Impulse Control. This helps you avoid making irrational decisions and jumping to decisions that don’t always have a positive outcome, or can negatively impact others.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

This 45-minute video lesson focuses on developing a basic understanding of what Emotional intelligence is, why it is important to you, and helps you identify your strengths and development opportunities in the 15 core emotional intelligence competencies.

Leadership to Goal-Achieve; MasterPlan for Results (On-demand)

In this virtual webinar, you’ll gain understanding and proven success principles in leadership, achieve the next level of success and potential by understanding the connection between mindset and goals; and learning to stressless to achieve more.

Leadership: The 15-Minute Solutions-Based Approach (On-Demand)

This webinar introduces The 15-Minute Solutions-Based approach - a game-changer for leaders and their teams.

Leading Change (On-Demand)

A recipe for thriving on change for everyone in your organization.

Leading Change (On-Demand/webinar recording)

This program integrates the four essential competencies of effective strategic leadership, aligning and implementing successful change, leading people through transition and ensuring communication engages everyone.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Mastery Program (On-Demand)

In this 6-week program, we will cover in detail, all 15 emotional intelligence competencies, so you can work on your unique leadership development opportunities to remove the barriers preventing you from achieving the life you have always dreamed of.

Leading Without Power (On-Demand)

This interactive session will explore the options and strategies for leading when you don’t have positional authority and will deliver some useful tolls that can be used in almost any situation.

Living with Change (On-Demand)

A recipe for thriving on change for everyone in your organization.

Make Change Stick – Equip Leaders To Bring Their Best to the Challenges They Face (On-Demand)

This session explores the reasons why behaviour change can be difficult. It will also illustrate how real life people overcome the Immunity to Change™ through the 5-step pathway. You will also be introduced to a jargon-free approach for doing the complex work of Neuroscience, Vertical Development and Habit Change.

Managing Episodic Disabilities: Accommodation Best Practices (On-Demand)

This 15-hour, self-directed online course contains 11 multimedia modules on managing episodic disabilities in the workplace. It is designed to prepare you to deal more effectively with employees with episodic disabilities, who make up an ever-increasing segment of Canada's workforce.

Managing Safety Self-Awareness (On-Demand)

This webinar is designed to help HR professionals understand how personality contributes to preventable workplace incidents. Participants will learn how to identify and coach employees who are more naturally distractible, impulsive, ruleresistant and impatient, resulting in safer behaviours in the workplace.

Marijuana in the Workplace: What’s the Diagnosis? (On-demand)

In this session, you will learn about the risks and challenges that cannabis presents to the workplace in a changing legislative and cultural landscape.

Mentoring 101 (On-Demand)

This 2.5 hour, on-demand course will prepare you for a mentoring relationship by orientating, guiding and assisting you to enhance your professional development whether your role is that of mentor or protégé.

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Certification Program (On-Demand)

Become a "Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator' to obtain the credibility people want to see.

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training Course, with Toolkit and Membership (On-Demand)

Learn to become a great Facilitator. See if this is for you!

My Office Chair is Killing Me… and I Can't Handle Standing All Day! (On-demand)

Learn about alternative working methods and the latest technologies to support employees.

Office Administration Certificate - Administration and Supervision

This VCC program focuses on the administrative support skills needed to succeed in office environments.

Onboarding Newcomers: Effective Strategies and Practices (On-demand)

Join this webinar and learn how employers can create new ways to address barriers newcomers are experiencing, and look forward to filling gaps sooner and have more great candidates join their teams.

Overview of Labour Relations (On-Demand)

This 1 hour, on-demand course provides an overview of union-management relations, concluding with a review of the major facets of labour relation, many of which are covered in more detail in the two following courses: Collective Bargaining & the Collective Agreement and Discipline and "Just Cause".

Own Your Inbox - Manage Email like an Expert (On-Demand)

In this hands-on session, you will learn how to keep messages organized and easy to manage. From processing emails more quickly to setting up automated follow-ups, this presentation will make you the master of your inbox.

Performance Management Best Practices: Two Part Webinar Series (On-Demand)

Learn the ins and outs of performance management with this two part webinar series!

Practical Analytics for Mid-sized Firms (On-demand)

This webinar will provide you with insights on practical and effective ways for mid-sized firms to get business benefits from an analytics-savvy HR function.

Privacy in the Workplace (On-Demand)

This webinar explores traditional management rights that employers have relied upon and new challenges being presented by smart phones, social media, and the Personal Information Protection Act.

Project Teams Leading Change (On-Demand)

Discover how to increase the effectiveness of project management.

Project Teams Leading Change (On-Demand/Webinar Recording)

This presentation is an insightful, practical program that provides a wealth of great ideas that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of project management throughout your changing organization.

Provincial Instructor Diploma

The BC Provincial Instructor Diploma provides new instructors with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to instruct adults

Recruiting like a Pro: Navigating Pre-Employment Tests and Checks to Hire Smart and Protect your Business (On-demand)

In this session, learn how to use tools such as reference checks, social media searches, and criminal records more effectively to hire the best talent and avoid liabilities.

Recruiting with Artificial Intelligence: How AI Can Help You Find Your Next Great Hire! (On-demand)

This session will provide an overview of what Artificial Intelligence is doing for recruitment and how it will impact your HR team in the years to come.

Small Business Program

This five-week VCC program provides foundation knowledge and skill development in the key areas of starting and growing a successful small business.

Strategic Preparation Approaches for Workplace Negotiations and Grievances (On-Demand)

Paul Godin, of Katalyst Resolutions, will discuss a variety of approaches to analyzing and preparing for challenging workplace negotiations and grievances. A strategic preparation model focusing on Principled Negotiation will provide structure, adding value for organizations wanting win-win solutions and wanting to build/maintain fruitful long term relationships with staff and stakeholders.

StressLess – From Worn-Out Habits to Inspired-Action: 9 Life Areas Review

(Part 2) (On-Demand)

In this webinar, you will gain tools to Stressless by: utilizing techniques to focus only on what you do want; learning to have conversations for possibilities vs stress; shift your thoughts, attitude and stories toward inspired-action when stress triggers surface.

StressLess – How to Destress and Manage Life the Way You Want it: The 5%

Exercise (Part 1) (On-demand)

In this webinar, you will begin to Stressless by: Utilizing awareness tools to discover your individual stressors; transform your specific stressors through mindful awareness tools; tap into optimum performance to benefit self and others with your increased awareness.

Succession Planning that Works! The Only Sustainable Solution To The Impending Labour Crisis (On-demand)

In this session, you will find out why most succession plans fail and how to ensure your success.

The Coach Approach: Coaching for HR (On-Demand)

This 2 hour, on-demand course will help you learn how to apply coaching techniques to all workplace situations – including coaching your boss or your peer. The secret to being a good coach is actually in knowing what to ask!

The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence (On-Demand)

In this webinar, we will highlight the dark side of all 15 emotional intelligence competencies, and you will walk away knowing how to better balance your soft skills for optimal results.

The Remote Workplace: Strategies for Managing Employees who Work from Home (On-Demand)

This session is designed to provide managers and HR professionals a strategy and process for designing an alliance between them and their remote employee to ensure a mutually satisfactory remote working relationship.

The Rise of Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Work (On-Demand)

This webinar will explore how technologies, if properly managed, will have the potential to make us wealthier, healthier and happier. However, they may also lead to wide-scale job destruction, dramatically increased inequality and a rapid spike in permanent unemployment.

The Virtual Workforce: Overcome the Challenges and Reap the Rewards of a Decentralized Team! (On-demand)

Join this webinar to explore how virtual technologies can also expand work opportunities, build strategic partnerships, and foster solid professional relationships with very limited "face time."

Thriving On Change (On-Demand)

This presentation provides common sense solutions to the challenge of dealing with change. It is a practical, relevant and easily applied set of tools everyone can apply to their lives.

Tools for Recruitment and Retention (On-Demand)

The best results come from using the right tool for the job, at the right time. This session presents a high-level view of the major assessments, the optimal circumstances in which to use each one, and the nature of the results they offer!

Turn Your Company into a Talent-Making Machine (On-Demand)

This two-part On-Demand series will focus on identifying and developing high potentials and future leaders.

Understanding Episodic Disabilities in the Workplace (On-Demand)

This 15-hour, self-directed online course will deepen your HR professional understanding of the impact of episodic disabilities on the workplace. This on-demand course explains the episodic nature of many disabilities that you (as an HR specialist) encounter with staff.

Workplace Harassment: The Latest Hollywood Blockbuster (On-demand)

This presentation will provide you with an overview on how to manage workplace harassment and help minimize your liabilities in a way that meets your responsibilities.