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Pre-Conference Workshop - Demystifying Design Thinking

Date: April 1, 2019
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre

Many traditional business methods and ways of thinking are no longer effective. We need to develop new ways of thinking in order to design better solutions to stay competitive. With Gen Z about to enter the market place, caring more about Purpose versus Profit many legacy brands will struggle to recruit and retain talent, without radically re-thinking their approach to HR. The creative behaviours and innovation tools that Duncan Wardle has created can help you tackle HR challenges such as recruitment, staff engagement and strategic planning in a different way. Building on some 25 years of experience with The Walt Disney Company, most recently as Vice President of Innovation and Creativity, Duncan Wardle creates an engaging presentation that will not only answer these questions but leave you with the tools to take on your challenges in new and different ways that deliver tangible results.

The Workshop includes the following Creative Behaviors & Innovation Tools (the Being & Doing of innovation).

Creative Behaviors

Nurturing - this behavior is all about growing an idea together so it evolves to become “our idea” vs. “my idea,” which is key to prevent the idea getting diluted, stuck or killed as it moves to execution.

Playfulness - here the audience will learn to focus on how to get into the right Brain State required for Innovation & Creativity at work.

Signaling - this behavior will help set the participants up for success in creating the right environment for ideation, whether it’s an Expansionist or Reductive thinking session.

Mindfulness - this behavior shows people how to move between their conscious and unconscious brain to develop "Moon Shot" Thinking.

Curiosity - is all about helping people understand the importance of unplanned collaboration and how best to get new stimulus into their lives to develop new ideas.

Innovation Tools

What If? - by asking what if the Rules didn't apply, learn how you can get out of your River of Expertise and think differently by challenging sacred cows.

Where Else? - looking around the world of innovation to see where else your challenge has already been solved and borrowing back the underlying principles to help solve your challenge.

How Else? - by simply re-expressing your challenge through the use of different words you can come up with completely new ideas.

The StoryBoard - how to land a complete idea that engages both introverts and extroverts.

Naive Experts - leverages the brain power of the most unlikely sources to get you out of your River of Expertise to come up with new and unique ideas


Presenter: Duncan Wardle

Who should attend: Mid-level HR professionals

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC

Time: Registration: 12:30 - 1:00pm; Presentation: 1:00pm - 4:30pm

About the Presenter:
Having worked for the Walt Disney Company for some 25 years, Duncan Wardle now serves as an independent innovation and design thinking consultant, helping companies around the globe embed a culture of innovation and creativity across their organizations, delivering a series of keynotes, training workshops and leading innovation projects. His unique Design Thinking process helps people capture unlikely connections, leading to both fresh thinking and revolutionary ideas. Most recently Duncan was Head of Innovation and Creativity for the Walt Disney Company, where he helped support franchises such as Lucas Films, Pixar, Marvel, Disney Imagineering, Disney Parks and ESPN. Working as innovation catalyst and cultural change agent, he helped each line of business increase their capacity to innovate at scale. He is a TedX speaker and contributor to Fast Company Magazine. He lectures at Yale, the University of North Carolina, Duke University and the University of Florida. In 2008 he received the American Citizen of Choice Award at the White House. In 2014 he was awarded an Hons. Doctorate from Edinburgh University in Scotland. He also holds the Duke of Edinburgh Award presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

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