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FREE Webinar: An Integrated Approach To Knowledge Transfer And Communication For Occupational Health And Safety

Date: October 25, 2017
Location: Online

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Program Summary:

This presentation will describe a comprehensive approach to KTE that targets worker health and safety. The approach was developed and is used by the Institute for Work & Health (IWH), a non-profit research organization located in Toronto,​​ Canada. The IWH approach integrates two distinct functions: stakeholder relations (connecting with representatives of key knowledge user organizations), and communications (reaching a wide audience).

At IWH, KTE is a process of exchange between researchers and stakeholders to make relevant research information available and accessible for use in practice, planning and policy-making. The two-way exchange of information also helps develop research ideas and conduct specific research projects. The presentation will describe four key aspects of the IWH approach: relationship building, stakeholder engagement and integration in the research process, capacity building, and communication. The presentation describes the IWH approach to measuring impact, which involves working with our stakeholders to develop case studies of the use of IWH research to inform policy or practice.
In this Program, you will learn:

  • about a comprehensive approach to KTE that targets worker health and safety​
  • more about the four key aspects of the IWH approach
  • how the IWH approach measures impact ​
Presenter: Dr. Dwayne Van Eerd, Scientist at the Institute for Work & Health​
Time: 9:00am - 10:00am (PDT)
Registration Fee: FREE!
CPD hours
1.0 • Health, Wellness and Safe Workplace