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Managing Episodic Disabilities: Accommodation Best Practices (On-Demand)

Location: Online

CPD Hours: 15.0
HR Competency: Health, Wellness, & Safe Workplace

In Partnership with:

Program Summary:
Human resources practitioners and frontline managers play a pivotal role in maximizing the work potential of all employees, including those living with episodic disabilities, (lifelong conditions characterized by periods of good health and interrupted by periods of illness and disability such as arthritis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, forms of mental illness and cancer). 

Managing Episodic Disabilities: Accommodation Best Practices is the second in a series of courses on managing episodic disabilities in the workplace. It is designed to prepare you to deal more effectively with employees with episodic disabilities, who make up an ever-increasing segment of Canada's workforce.

This course highlights best practices that can be adapted to suit almost any situation and work environment.

This 15-hour, self-directed course contains 11 multimedia modules made up of:

- Case studies
- Reading materials
- Videos
- Interactive learning techniques

You Will Learn:
  • What an episodic disability is.
  • Laws related to an employer's duty to accommodate.
  • Best practices for effective management of employees with episodic disabilities, including attendance management.
  • Practical applications, including how to communicate about episodic disabilities in your workplace and how to collaborate with insurers.
  • The principles of creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Program Information:
Prices: $299 Members*, $349 Non-members
You can register to begin this course at any time. Once registered, you will have access to the course material for 10 weeks.

Email CWGHRCampus@HIVandRehab.ca for info. See Realize (formerly CWGHR) for their policies.