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7 Lenses for Helping Organizations Change (On-demand)

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Program Summary:

(Original broadcast date: April 5, 2018.)

Helping organizations change can be challenging work. Sometimes it is simply because change itself is hard. More often it is because most organizations aren’t very good at it. So when they are trying to change, they are rarely at their best.

If you are internal to the organization, you may think you already know what is going on. You do, to a point; but you don’t have as clear a picture as you need. If you are a external you have some assumptions about what is going on, but you know you need to learn more. Both perspectives benefit greatly by using a comprehensive framework to fully understand the situation in a changing organization.

This insightful webinar provides a deep insight into how you can help your organization change more effectively. The critically important skill you must master when helping organizations change is to objectively understand the situation. Bring your work home, take this webinar and learn how to shape the right perspective for your next move in your changing organization.

In this presentation, you will learn:
  • Explore 7 lenses of enquiry that provide a comprehensive understanding of any changing organization. They are:
      1) Overall System
      2) Change Model & Support
      3) Strategic Message
      4) Project Management Capability
      5) Communication
      6) Archetype
      7) Life Cycle
  • Apply each of these lenses to your own organization and determine what gaps exist in your current understanding of the situation.
  • Outline some next steps you can take to add more value in your changing organization.
Who should take this course:
  • If you currently are, or soon want to be, involved with helping organizations change, this program is for you. Internals and externals, HR / OD / T & D / L & D professionals are all encouraged to attend. Regardless if you are new to this work or have been involved for decades, you will find the information shared very useful.
    About the presenter:
    Chris EdgelowChris Edgelow is the Founder & President of Sundance Consulting Inc. For more than 30 years he has consulted with a diverse range of organizations around the world in every sector of the economy. His work has always focused on the mystery and magic of people, organizations and change.

    Chris developed and has pioneered The Integrated Approach to Leading Change™. He has written and published numerous articles, booklets, workbooks and facilitator guides on a variety of topics relating to helping organizations change.

    Predominately practical in his approach, Chris is an engaging and gifted facilitator and dynamic, down-to-earth speaker. He has taught at the University level and is a sought-after conference speaker.

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Online Zoom Webinar – link in confirmation

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