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Understanding Episodic Disabilities in the Workplace (On-Demand)

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CPD Hours: 15.0
HR Competency: Health, Wellness, & Safe Workplace

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Program Summary:

Understanding Episodic Disabilities in the Workplace is an online course for Human Resources (HR) professionals that will deepen your understanding of the impact of episodic disabilities on the workplace. This self-directed course explains the episodic nature of many disabilities that you as an HR specialist encounter with staff.
Developed by the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR) and brought to you by CWGHR and HRMA, this 15-hour, self-directed course will help you understand the impact of an episodic disability on:
- Workplace participation.
- Earning and disability income support.
- Accommodation strategies. 
You Will Learn:
  • What an episodic disability is.
  • How to support current staff challenges.
  • Ways to enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism.
  • How to develop effective organizational policies and foster a positive organizational culture.

You'll also learn about relevant legislation and assessing your workplace for:
  • Awareness and leadership;
  • Planning and sourcing;
  • Selection and hiring;
  • Staff development; and
  • Creating an inclusive environment.

Program Information:
Prices: $299 Members*, $349 Non-members
You can register to begin this course at any time. Once registered, you will have access to the course material for 10 weeks.

Email for info. See CWGHR for their policies.

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