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The Coach Approach: Coaching for HR (On-Demand)

Location: Online

Program Summary:

So often in organizations, individuals are expected to take on the role of coach because they work in the Human Resources department and it is assumed they have the skills to coach by virtue of their chosen profession. Just as often the HR professional shies away from this role as they are afraid they will not know what to say. What would you say if we told you the secret to being a good coach actually has very little to do with knowing what to say? The secret to being a good coach is actually in knowing what to ask! Learn how to apply these coaching techniques to all workplace situations – including coaching your boss or your peer.

You Will Learn: 

  • Applying a Coaching Model in the Workplace
  • Using Coaching to Support Co-Workers, Employees and Leaders
  • Tips on how to coach your leaders to get the buy-in you need
  • Identifying and Acting on Coachable Moments
  • Moving Forward When you Don't Know What to Say

Cori Maedel has diverse professional experience in Human Resources (HR) that has benefitted many business owners with consistency, strategy and development. She takes the often overwhelming subject of HR and delivers practical and realistic tools for the business owner to implement from legal compliance, to recruiting and retention, to development and training. Throughout her career Cori has been able to assist employees, colleagues and senior executives alike to reach their individual and corporate goals and greatest potential. As a Certified Executive Coach Cori has a gift of seeing what is hidden below the surface, teamed with an ability to bring that which is hidden into view. Cori’s career has come full circle as the founder of the Jouta Performance Group.

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CPD hours
2.0 • Learning & Development
All pricing excludes applicable taxes. HST/GST # 119446714